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Anxiety is a natural response when life get’s on top of us – but how do we cope? Feeling anxious can lead to addictions, insomnia and illness. It can manifest in panic symptoms such as racing heart, dizziness, sweating or nausea. It can cause fear of flying or other phobias. An overload of stress can have us drinking or smoking too much. It can feel as if life is out of control.

  • Do you feel stressed?

  • Overwhelmed?

  • Worried or fearful?

  • Do you suffer from Panic Attacks or other symptoms?

  • Are there some situations you avoid so as not to feel anxious?

Using Hypnotherapy and NLP Coaching, I have been working with people just like you, who’ve been suffering from anxiety and for 20 years and without exception, I have been able to help them all to cope better with life’s ups and downs.

As a Consultant Hypnotherapist and NLP Master Practitioner, I use the latest hypnotherapy and NLP Coaching strategies to help you achieve rapid results.

In each session I can provide hypnosis, NLP, CBT, EFT, Life Coaching and psychotherapy in an integrated approach. You receive a FREE Self-Hypnosis CD in your first session: Free From Anxiety.

Why not contact me to find out how I can help?

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