What to do when things go wrong

No matter how hard we may try to keep everything on track, sometimes things just don’t happen the way we want. And sometimes the rug is pulled right out from under our feet. A relationship ends, a family member gets a bad health diagnosis, we’re made redundant or any number of problems seem to catch us unawares. When life circumstances leave us floundering, how can we pick ourselves up? As a hypnotherapist and Life Coach, I believe that whether the challenge is major or minor, the process of recovery is similar. Remember The Four AAAAs :

  1. Acknowledge what has happened. It can seem easy to try to bury your head in work or the TV but feelings will just fester under the surface. Allowing yourself to feel those emotions is the first step.
  2. Accept what has happened. There is no point in looking back and wishing you did something differently. It can be very tempting to blame others, too but that won’t change the situation. Only when you accept that there’s nothing you can do to change what’s happened can you begin to move on.
  3. Ask yourself if there’s any action you can take to make your life better. This may involve doing some research on the issue to get more information. Or it may involve self-care, such as eating well and finding some ‘me time’
  4. Ask for help. Don’t be afraid of this. Everyone needs a helping hand sometimes. Confide in a trusted friend, your GP or find a professional.

Remember that life is a constant process of change. Some changes we like, some we don’t. But one thing we can guarantee – this too will pass.

Wishing you a happy recovery


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