What's the Solution?

By Christopher Fish

In our work as therapists, we discover that many clients come with a clear understanding of what their problem is. They’ve thought about it – a lot, and probably discussed it with their friends or a counsellor. And of course, they’ve tried to do what they can to help themselves.
So how can Solution Focused Hypnotherapy offer help?
Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is based on the understanding that people work best when the goal of therapy is established at the earliest opportunity. Whatever the thought, emotion or activity, there is an inherent intent, there is something wanted. When someone has a problem that is limiting their lives and they have got to the point of seeking to do something about it, we need to be able to meet that need in two ways.
Firstly, to clearly understand what the problem actually means to them and secondly and even more importantly, ascertaining what life will be like without the problem. What will the ‘solution state’ be like?
Their solution state is just that- Their feelings, their ideas, their attitudes, their behaviours, their relationships, their values, their life when it’s working for them. It is their idea and not yours – including any theories you may have about life and human development.
Knowing lots about the ‘problem state’ has limited value. Knowing lots about the ‘solution state’ becomes a map that illustrates the territory of success, the steps toward, the signposts that say the direction is right, the challenges and difficulties along the way, the resources required, and the people who can be allies. The map is work in progress; as the client fulfils it, so the map develops and new opportunities hitherto hidden became evident and success becomes a natural development.
Solution Focus Hypnotherapy is about empowering the client and taking therapy out of the therapy room into the ‘real world’ where values are being met and mind, body and spirit is acknowledged and respected.
Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is about having a conversation that establishes what the solution state will be like with you and the client understanding what is required to move toward that. It is a subtle way of adjusting the structure and texture of your enquiry of the client based on sound proven principles. It is about looking for exceptions to the problem and connecting to innate resources. It is about presupposing success and always having an eye to realigning the client to what will bring them a life that works. A life that fulfils.

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