Doom, Gloom and Gratitude

You would have to be living a hermit’s life not to be aware of the daily waves of bad economic and financial news. Every day descriptions and dire warning of crisis and impending doom are radiated from the radio, press and T.V.
You can’t help but wonder what effect these warnings have on the confidence of us. The most basic human need is to feel safe. Ideas about safety (beyond physical safety) are unconsciously assimilated and a product of the society we have been bought up in. I doubt for example that an Amazonian tribe’s person would even be able to fathom the meaning of storing bits of paper in secure buildings to be used for exchange for more buildings, purchasing mechanical perambulators or entering other brick buildings to pick up cellophaned replicants of factory food?
It is said that ‘we should trust in god and tie up our camel’. There is a lot of concerned talk about the health and wellbeing of our camels.
So , we should do whatever we can to take the necessary practical steps to ensure that our castle is secure, and the moat is filled and we are tending to our grains supplies. (I left the camels in the desert). When we have done what we can do and a lot of that bad news out there we can do f***k all about the we need to turn our gaze closer to home and ask ourselves – Ok what is really important? What would I really miss if it wasn’t there? What would I find really unbearable if it was reduced, downgraded, damaged or taken away?
It seems to me that this life is quite brief and this moment will never return. This is not news. Well it’s not new news. This has been said many times and maybe in the time before words this existed as feeling.
So just in case like me you forget to remember in the maelstrom of bad news, financial and economic uncertainty what’s really important, then it might be time to reflect. To look closer to home, including those people important to us and then even ourselves, even that breathing is a lot groovier than not breathing???!!!
It is said that if you have more than one emotion at any given time than the stronger emotion will take precedence. Tap into the emotion of gratitude, do a stock take and then pump it up. It’s a better feeling than fear, worry, regret and blame.
Hypnotherapy training
Milton Erickson whose life work sits at the heart of hypnotherapy training knew the importance of accentuating the positive. This is why he had minimal interest in problem exploration and maximum interest in what a client had available to them. He used hypnotherapy training to connect these natural strengths to the client’s desire for success; however that success was defined.
Each person is unique and we share many common purposes. It’s good sometimes to let those close to us know how much we appreciate them sharing the journey with us.

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