New Hypnotherapy Training Offices

I hope you had a great summer? We’ve moved to our new Isis School Training offices: it’s the start of a new era and I’m really excited about this coming autumn.

Are you a hypnotherapist, coach, or an NLP Practitioner? If you are then, like me, you’ll be focussed on helping people get over their “internal barriers” and helping them fulfil their potential. I wanted to share more of my passion for hypnotherapy and how I started out in the field with you so I’ve created a new video where here at our Hypnotherapy School we aim to teach and show people the keys to living an amazing life. These keys give our hypnotherapy graduates the tools to go forward and help others find and live an amazing life too. You can check out our testimonials page to read about others who have already joined our courses and even if you are a qualified hypnotherapist or NLP Practitioner, you may just know someone who wants to live an amazing, if you do check out our Facebook page to find out more..

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