Hypnotherapy and IBS

Hypnotherapy as an effective treatment for irritable bowel syndrome IBS
In the Independent on Monday, the Health Editor had this to say about hypnotherapy:
“The use of hypnosis as a medical therapy is being undermined by cowboy practitioners with little training who have caused serious harm to patients, specialists say today.
Hypnotherapy is a proven treatment for irritable bowel syndrome, approved by the National Institute for Clinical Excellence (Nice), and research has shown that it provides effective pain relief to women in labour.
But the extension of the technique to other areas of medicine is being hampered by its misuse by inadequately qualified practitioners.”
Here at Isis, we couldn’t agree more! We are committed to providing an exceptional quality and comprehensive training in all areas of hypnotherapy. Our commitment is born out by the accreditation we have achieved from the top hypnotherapy associations and by the many wonderful testimonials from our graduates every year.
Becoming a hypnotherapist is not something to be taken lightly and a full training is required. Thankfully, most people who undertake this training use their common sense and choose a bona fide, approved and accredited course such as ours.

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