Hypnotherapy and self-esteem

Hypnotherapy certainly isn’t the only way to boost confidence and self-esteem – although it is extremel Did you know that researchers have found that exercising outdoors can boost mental health? In trials, 1,250 people saw a rapid upswing in both mood and self-esteem. And what’s the best exercise out doors? Walking! I’m not keen on the word gym as it generally gives me a feeling that I should be doing something I’m not, but the ‘green gym’ – another name for taking your dog for a lovely walk in the country – now that’s alright by me. We have the longest days in June culminating with the Summer Solstice on the 21st. It’s the best month to go camping and there’s is the start of the summer outdoor music festivals in the UK. It’s time to get out and about. See you outside!

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