What is Hypnotherapy? – The unconscious mind

As we recognise that the subconscious mind plays a very important role in the process of hypnosis and NLP, we continue with more ‘unconscious’ functions of the mind:

  • We can forget certain things but later spontaneously recall them.
  • Intuition.
  • We learn certain skills so that they become largely automatic e.g.
    driving a car, playing a sport.
  • We can run downstairs without thinking where each foot falls.
  • Our instincts, such as self-preservation and sex, originate on an
    unconscious level.
  • The origin of all the bodily urges, such as hunger and thirst, lies outside
    the conscious mind.
  • Physical reflexes.
  • Subliminal perception. It is known that only a very tiny proportion of our
    bodily stimuli actually reach consciousness. Otherwise we would be
    swamped by billions of stimuli.
  • More on our wonderful subconscious mind next time and how hypnosis and NLP can influence our unconscious responses…

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