Need Help Stopping Smoking?

10 Top Tips to Help you Stop Smoking and Beat Cravings

More and more people are trying to quit the smoking habit every day. I guess, as a nation, we’re becoming better educated about health related issues: what we eat, the amount of exercise we do and so on. If you, or anyone you know has been struggling with quitting, read my tips and pass them on – they really do work!

  • Decide on a Specific Day to Quit. Remember, there is never going to be a ?perfect? time when everything in your life is hunky dory. Stuff happens – often unpredictably. Set yourself the Big Day and stick to it.
  • The Night Before the Big Day. Destroy all remaining cigarettes and get rid of ash trays. Leave nothing lying around that reminds you of smoking. If someone else in your home smoke, tell them to do it out of sight for a while! Out of sight is out of mind. Well, nearly!
  • On the Big Day. Write a list of all the reasons why you want to be a non-smoker. Put copies of your list all around your home. Post-it notes are good for this.
  • Distract Yourself. Cravings only last up to 2 minutes at time. Try counting backwards from 100 in 7s or say the alphabet backwards until the craving passes.
  • Phone a Friend. If your will-power is wavering, call a friend for support and encouragement.
  • Treat Your Senses. You may have thought that you momentarily enjoyed smoking but you didn?t enjoy the effect it had ? treat yourself to something by all means, but make it healthy. Try dates or grapes if you want something sweet. Bananas and avocadoes contain tryptophan, which your body converts to serotonin. This is the ?happy? hormone, which is often what we seek in cigaretttes.
  • Take Positive Action. What have you been meaning to do but never got round to? Learning guitar, taking up belly-dancing or salsa, or playing golf or tennis all put you in a positive, healthy frame of mind and make you feel that life is worth living to the full.
  • De-Stress. When we?re under pressure we want to go for the ?quick fix?. In the long run, though, we just make things worse. Give your lifestyle a bit of an overhaul. Cut out unnecessary tasks and replace them with leisure and relaxation time. Learn Self-Hypnosis or buy a hypnosis CD to release all your tension and feel more relaxed.
  • Dream On. Imagine a healthy, happy you just a little way into your future and imagine stepping into that image. See what you?ll see, hear what you?ll hear and feel how good it feels to be a contented non-smoker. Imagine yourself being more in control of your life. Think of a word or a phrase that represents this state and say it often throughout the day. Now, don?t you just love being in control?
  • And if you need a little help, call the experts: 01273 626644. Good Luck!
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