Hypnotherapy Training and NLP & Hypnosis Courses

We have now been providing top quality hypnotherapy training and Neuro Linguistic Programming NLP courses for over 10 years. During this time hundreds of people have completed their training in hypnotherapy and NLP & hypnosis and have become very successful hypnotherapists and NLP practitioners providing the public with professional, ethical and effective hypnotherapy and NLP. Hypnotherapy, which combines hypnosis and NLP, is becoming more and more popular and good hypnotherapists are highly sought after. Our Diploma in Integrated Hypnotherapy provides a comprehensive course covering all aspects of hypnosis and NLP as well as psychotherapy, life coaching and counselling skills. For myself, I find hypnotherapy to be the most rewarding and satisfying career. Seeing each individual client make such positive changes in their lives and observing each student of hypnotherapy grow in skill and confidence is exceptionally gratifying. It’s nearly the end of this year and I look back and feel pleased with the way The Isis Centre is going from strength to strength. We certainly hope to continue to provide quality hypnotherapy, NLP and hypnotherapy training for another 10 years! On that note, I would like to wish all our clients, students and graduates a Healthy, Wealthy and Happy 2008!

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