Use Hypnosis to Stop Smoking and Help the World!

An intriguing headline? Let me explain.

We?re all aware of the harmful effects of smoking on our personal health but do you know how the smoking habit affects the environment?

FACT 1 ? Soil Depletion
Tobacco crops deplete the soil of large amounts of nutrients and production has trebled in developing countries where nearly three quarters of the world?s tobacco is grown.

FACT 2 ? Pesticides
Because the tobacco crop is susceptible to disease, up to 16 applications of heavy, damaging pesticides are used in a 3 month growing cycle. They contaminate air, groundwater, rivers and lakes.

FACT 3 ? People
There harsh chemicals are described as ?extremely hazardous? and take their toll on the health of the farmers who handle them ? and with the production in developing countries, it?s the poor who suffer. In the production plants, the wet tobacco leaves, cause an illness in the workers called Green Tobacco Sickness which causes nausea, dizziness, cramps and fluctuations in heart rate and blood pressure.

FACT 4 ? Trees
One in eight trees worldwide is felled for tobacco production. The drying of tobacco involves cutting down trees to burn which causes deforestation. These are not being replaced sufficiently by the tobacco companies.

FACT 5 ? Litter
Cigarette related litter is found in 77% of all locations across UK and in 2003, Coastal Clean Up Day found that cigarette litter accounted for nearly 30% of the rubbish on our beaches and in our rivers and streams.

Smoking is not only bad news for us, its bad news for our planet too.


Giving up smoking doesn?t just benefit you and your loved ones ? you can have the added satisfaction of knowing that you?ll be doing your bit for the environment, too.

Hypnotherapy Works!

A study conducted by New Scientist proved that hypnosis was easily the most effective way of getting help to quit with at least a 70% success rate in their subjects. We, at Isis, go much further. Because we understand and address the psychological addiction to smoking as well as the physical using all the latest Hypnosis and NLP techniques as well as Cognitive and Behavioural techniques, we have over a 95% success rate on our Stop Smoking for Life Programme.. And when you compare that to the estimated 7% success rate of nicotine replacement products, doesn?t it make sense to choose hypnotherapy?

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