Hypnosis & NLP with Children

The Chocolate Child & Other Tales

As a hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner I?m often asked whether I will work with children. It may surprise you to learn that children as young as four can suffer from panic attacks and it?s not uncommon for children of all ages to experience irrational fears and phobias, anxiety, lack of confidence and even eating disorders.

The Chocolate Child
Take, for example, the eight year old girl whose parents bought her to see me, who had eaten practically nothing other than chocolate all her life!

She arrived, a pretty and vivacious child, looking very healthy and apparently a completely normal girl. She loved ballet and was shortly going to take an exam.

So, why change things? Her parents explained that they were concerned about her long term health and that it was becoming increasingly awkward explaining to friends and family that she would eat nothing but chocolate for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Of course, working with children requires special training and skills. An eight year old?s world is a different place from an adult?s. Treatments for children require some creative ideas, inventive inductions and storytelling skills are a definite advantage!

Max is terrified of dogs – especially the little ones!

And what about the eleven year old boy, Max, who was so terrified of dogs that his parents had to coax him out of the house. Family outings would only be undertaken at venues where it was guaranteed there would not be a dog within eyesight.

The Gymnast and the Judo Champion

And then the ambitious thirteen year old gymnast and the nine year old Judo champion – both inhibited by performance anxiety.

Working with children can be very demanding but also incredibly rewarding. They are usually highly responsive and willing to change. I find it particularly satisfying to know that I have facilitated a positive change in one so young, knowing that they will go on to achieve their goal of being a normal, happy, healthy child – (or a Judo Champion!)

A Success Story

So, what became of the Chocolate Child? I?m pleased to say that she gradually learned to introduce a more diverse diet and is now eating burgers and chips with her friends. Her parents now want to bring her to see me to encourage her to eat vegetables!

Max is still wary of dogs and might cross the street if he doesn?t like the look of one, but he is now confidently walking to his new Secondary School with his friends.

So, I hope you enjoyed reading about these cases – let me know what you think – I?m always very happy to hear from you.

Bye for now, I?m off to discover what my next challenging case is.

Warm wishes


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